Publisher's Note {7.23.2021}

By Catherine Heatley, Publisher Mom, Macaroni Kid Rutland - Windsor Counties VT July 23, 2021

Happy Friday, all! Boy has this week been a mixed bag for me - can anyone relate? But all-in-all, its been a good week, mostly marked by some really exciting upcoming plans - both personally, and for Macaroni Kid.

Today, I'm celebrating the commencement of the 2021 (would-be-2020) Olympic Games! I've had my ups and downs over this, I'll be honest. I - and maybe all of us - were a little crushed when the 2020 Games were cancelled due to the pandemic. Though it was the obvious and necessary choice, I look forward to both the Winter and Summer Olympic Games with great enthusiasm, and boy could we all have used a little pick-me-up a year ago! But OK - that was then, this is now. 

I fully acknowledge that the occurrence of the Games this year is marked with terrible controversy. There are major social, political, and health implications this year, and the decision to move forward with these events is likely far more complex than any of us can comprehend. I don't know what the best choice should have been. I do know what I would have said if the Olympic Games were being hosted right here in Rutland, rather than in Tokyo, a world away. With gratitude to the IOC, and empathy for the Japanese, I am celebrating the dedication and accomplishments of the more than 11,000 athletes from around the world who will compete over the next two weeks. They inspire me, and though I'm not usually a sports person, I've always loved watching the competitions. I've been looking forward to introducing my children to the variety of sports represented in these Games. Maybe it ignites a passion for hard work, cooperation, sportsmanship, or athleticism in them, too. 

Whatever your plans for this weekend (and in the coming weeks!) I hope you have a chance to watch a favorite event, or channel that athleticism and get outside to play!